Moving to a Retirement Community: Top Tips for Home Staging

It is possible to achieve the unimaginable. For some, even the thought of preparing to move to a retirement community is exhausting. You can do it, and we can help!

Your ultimate goal is to secure a buyer for your home, right?

In today’s crowded real estate market, ‘home staging’ is another DIY tool in your home sales toolbox. You may have already heard of ‘home staging’ but don’t know what it actually is, so let’s look a bit further into the subject.

What is Home Staging?

In essence, ‘home staging’ is preparing your home for sale.

Staging can be a useful tool to help sell your home quickly, but it does take forethought and planning. Staging your home today means more than making the bed and having a clean kitchen sink. It’s purposeful preparation.

Remember, you have one chance for a first impression!

Here are five tips for home staging after you decide to sell your home and move to a retirement community.

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Clean the Clutter

Less is more when it comes to home staging. Potential buyers want to see your home— not your stuff.

As you prepare to move to a retirement community, rightsize by utilizing an off-site storage unit or portable storage containers like PODS for items you want to move with you, and donate and sell the items you don’t need for your next chapter.

It can be hard to part with items, so consider starting small with a room or closet that doesn’t get much daily use. You’d be amazed at just how one step leads to another and how reducing clutter in your house can reduce your stress levels.

Clearing the Clutter Home Staging

Image: Remove excess furniture for home staging – Source

One Room, One Purpose

You may have a spare bedroom used as a craft room for holiday storage or to house your National Geographic collection.

Return the room to its intended purpose. Remove items that don’t support the room’s original intention.

Help a buyer envision the room as a future nursery or child’s bedroom, not a catch-all landing area.

Remove Excess Furniture

Does the room need four plant stands, three end tables, a fish tank, and two bookshelves?

All that furniture covers valuable assets like the beautiful hardwood floor and unique, built-in corner cupboard.

By removing excess furniture, you’re opening the space visually for the buyer to imagine their belongings in the space.

Let There Be Light

You may have enjoyed 30 years of custom sheers and drapery, but now it’s blocking valuable light from selling your home.

Pull back the shades and let the light shine in.

No one wants dark and dingy. They want light and airy spaces that inspire a homey feel.

Clean Countertops

Remove items from countertops and tabletops in the kitchen, bathrooms, end tables, and dining room tables.

It may be a short-term inconvenience to stow away everyday used bathroom toiletries, but it shows the buyer a clean and tidy space.

Final Thoughts on Home Staging When Moving to a Retire Community

Still feeling overwhelmed? Reach out to the retirement community of your choice for great resources and organizations that can help you get ready.

Keep your eye on the prize of selling your home and moving to a retirement community. Once you’re a resident, you’ll never have to replace another bush, repair a leaky faucet or install a new washing machine. Leave the work to us!

AuthorJolene Weaver – Director of Communications – Tel Hai Retirement Community

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